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If you are struggling on how to use your digital camera and feeling frustrated not understanding or learning 35mm photography then most likely you are not enjoying this wonderful hobby! Your Prescription -- is southern New England's #1 traveling teacher of photography, astronomy and extreme weather --
Here at ronaldzinconephotography, you are taught only what you need to know -- the key ingredients, the recipe to better your photography skills in both the art and science of the visual arts. In today's 'digital age', the auto-everything digital camera can be and is beneficial to many - but these digital wonders are often confusing and overwhelming - and their biggest drawback is that we don't really learn photography!
Ronald will teach you using hands-on instruction in an interactive and user-friendly environment (both in the classroom and with hands-on, one-on-one instruction sessions (indoors or outdoors) or at your home location. Feel welcome to enter my online portfolio for further details on how my instruction in the art and science of 35mm photography can benefit you!
As an Independent Contractor in the adult education and lifelong learning sector, Ronald is available for hire under "contract" to teach not only 35mm digital photography but also basic astronomy and astrophotography to educational institutions, organizations and private clients. See my "About Ronald" page for contact information!