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Published Articles and Photos

Sky and Telescope Magazine, Sky Publishing Co. - - June 2003
Astronomy Magazine, Klambach Publishing Co. - - 2001/2002
SkyNews Magazine, Canada - - May/June 2003
Nature Photographer Magazine, Maine - - 2003/2004/2005/2006
Exposure Gallery Magazine - - 2004/2005
Today's Photographer (IFPO) - - 2004
PSA Journal (Cover) - - 2005/2007
Photographer's Forum - - 2005
Circle of Photographers - - Best of 2004
South County Independent - June 2004 / May 2007
The Chariho Times - June 2004
The Narragansett Times - July 2006 / March 2007
Rhode Island Family - July 2006
The Charlestown Press - May 2007
Wood River Press - May 2007 / February 2009 / March 2011 / February 
       2013 / February 2014
Sea Star - Frosty Drew Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2010
Learning Connection - March/April 2007 - Nov/Dec 2008 -
       April/May/June 2009
New York Institute of Photography - June/July 2005
EASTCONN Community & Adult Ed. Spring 2012 Catalog Cover
Franklin Press, press release on Woodshed Gallery instruction, 3/12
The Planetary Report, June 2013, vol.33, No.2, "My Sky" section,
    "Leonid Meteor Fireball in Orion" image and text
Nature Photographer Magazine, Summer 2013, "Showcase of Images",
     pg.64, Magic Hour Light Aruba photo.
Nature Photographer Magazine, article on Aruba published in NP
     Magazine's summer edition of IPad app and PDF.  2013
South County Life Magazine, The Holiday Issue 2013, "12 Gifts of
     Experience" - The Photoholic, page 26.

Special Recognition

Received the DETC 2009 Outstanding Graduate award from the Distance Education Training Council, nominated by NYIP.

Certified Skywarn Spotter, National Weather Service, ID #10-003, April 2010.

Certified Photographic Consultant (C.P.C.) by PMAI, November 2005.

PSA Journal Award, August 2005, PSA Editorial Awards Committee.  PSA Journal Award - 2007 Bronze star.

Academic / Continuing Education

Visual Arts:

BetterPhoto.com online photography courses
CCRI ED2GO Online courses in photography, photography and teaching
The Great Courses company -- "Fundamentals of Photography" with 
     Prof Joel Sartore, National Geographic Photographer
The Great Courses company -- "The Art of Travel Photography" with
     Prof Joel Sartore, National Geographic Photographer.
Webinars -- PPAedu and Vistaprint

New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) - Diploma in Professional
     Photography - 2004
New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) - Diploma in Digital
     Photography: The Complete Course - 2007

Digital Photography I -- CCRI, Newport - 2011
Digital Photography II -- CCRI, Newport - 2012
Digital Art I -- CCRI, Newport -- 2012

Stock Photography

ArtSource, LA - Rhode Island State House images on permanent display at the Renaissance Hotel in Providence, RI.

W.W. Norton & Co., Inc. - "moontrail" image requested for college textbook printing.

Award-winning photos

Second Place award,
"Double Rainbow"
2013 Richmond Conservation Commission Photo Contest

Honorable Mention award, "Wyoming Dam", Richmond Conservation Commission 2013 Photo Contest

Sky on Fire image taken Richmond by ronaldzinconephotography

Honorable Mention award, "Sky on Fire", 2012 Richmond Conservation Commission 2nd Annual Photo Contest.

Ups and Downs image taken by ronaldzinconephotography 1st Place "Ups and Downs", March 2006, Beautiful Richmond 5th Annual Photo Contest and Show.

Lonely Fisherman    photographyNorthern Lights     photography1st Place "Lonely Fisherman", March 2011, Wood River Press, Beautiful area category.

Finalist - Betterphoto.com

PSA Gold Medal, "Best General Scape" Northern Lights #1, November 2005, PSRI 1st annual PSA salon exhibition.

Rock Harbor Sunset   photographyPSA International Salon Exhibition Acceptance.

Accepted - 2012 Greater Lynn Salon Exhibition - 12 pts. "Rock Harbor Sunset"

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

State House at Dusk  photographyOn permanent display at the Renaissance Hotel in Providence, RI.  "RI State House at Dusk"

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

Orion and Orion   photographyEditor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Orion and Orion"

Northern Lights over Richmond photography

PSA Journal Cover - July 2005 - "Northern Lights over
Rhode Island"

1st Place - Richmond Conservation Commission 1st Annual Photo contest, February 2012.

PSA Salon Exhibition Acceptance

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

Leonid Fireball in Orion   photography

One of 12 finalist entries choosen out of 500 total entries.  1st astrophotography photo contest, SkyNews Magazine, Canada.  June 2003  "Leonid
Fireball in Orion"
Published in Planetary Report, 6/13
Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

Newport Bridge at Night photographyEditor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Newport Bridge at Night"

Providence Street Scene photographyEditor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

Newport Bridge in Twilight photography
"Newport Bridge twilight panoramic"
PSA 2011 Ocean State Salon Acceptance 12 points
Coachella 2012 Salon acceptance 23 pts.

                                                     Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

                                              Acceptance 2012 Greater Lynn Salon
                                               Exhibition - 12 pts.

Top Gun    photographyPSA 2011 Ocean State Salon Exhibition
Acceptance 12 points - "Top Gun"

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

Acceptance 2012 Greater Lynn Salon Exhibition                               12 pts.

Sea Bird at Ogunquit photographyEditor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Shore bird at Ogunquit"

Nubble Light    photographyEditor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Nubble Lighthouse"

Chiliean flamingo   photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

The Black Daggers   photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

AFR Biplane   photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Airshow at Quonset"

Lonely sentenal     photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Lonely Sentenial"

Standing at Attention   photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Standing at Attention"

Under a Golden Moon  photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Under a Golden Moon"

Nubble Light     photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Nubble Light reflection"

Crescent Moon with earthshine  photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Crescent with earthshine"

Crescent Moon at prime focus  photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Crescent at prime focus"

Total Lunar Red Sox eclipse photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Red Sox Eclipse 2007"

Northern Lights     photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Northern Lights over Richmond No.2"

End of Days       photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"End of Days"

Mount Washington Valley photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Mount Washington Valley"

Crescent Moon time lapse  photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Crescent Moon timelapse"

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

Who am I? photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Who am I?"

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com

Flaming Sunrise over Exeter  photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Exeter Sunrise"

Sunset Colors photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Exeter Sunrise No.2"

Cumulus reflection photography

Editor's Pick - Betterphoto.com
"Cumulous reflection"

Charge! photographyEditor's Pick - Betterphoto.com


Accepted by Judges - TREE REFLECTIONS
The Fine Art of Photography
2nd Annual Juried Photographic Exhibition
Plymouth Center for the Arts

On display for Collaboration 12
at the Jamestown Arts Center

Additional Awards

Orange & Yellow, 2nd Place, "Scenic category", 3rd Annual Beautiful Richmond Photo Contest.  November 2004.

Meadowburg Farm, 3rd Place, "Agriculture category", 3rd Annual Beautiful Richmond Photo Contest.  November 2004.

Pine Moon, Honorable Mention, 35mm color slide, 3rd PSRI Club competition, Class B, March 2006.

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