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Crescent moon, Richmond, RI, prime-focus photography photography
Astrophotography workshops with the instructor take place at the Frosty Drew Observatory in Ninigret Park in Charlestown, RI.  Specific photographic equipment is highly recommended but not mandatory.  This is a basic workshop in "night-sky photography" involving camera-on-tripod techniques.  These outdoor workshops are hands-on.  These celestial sessions take place from April through October.  Register by PayPal below or contact ronald.  The instructor will contact you to set up a specified date and time that works jointly.  This workshop will enlighten you about the night-sky, teach you a unique form of photography and will humble you. Great for the mind and body! Certificate of Completion included!!
Outdoor Workshop - astrophotography
Basic night-sky photography instruction, hands-on - 1 hour. note: for additional instruction hours prepay using PayPal Cart by 1-hour segments.
Price: $35.00
Rock Harbor Sunset, Orleans, Cape Cod. photography
Nature photography outdoor workshops take place in various locations in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts from April to October.  These wonderful hands-on field trips teach you how to develop your photographer's "eye" for nature while soothing your mind and body.  Join ronald for an inspiring and enlightening experience while having fun.  You will not only learn the technical but also the artistic side of photographing nature's beauty.  Landscapes, macro, seascapes, and much more....you will soon be learning new tips and techniques and raising your photography to the next level.  Photographic equipment highly recommended but not mandatory. Register by PayPal below or contact ronald.   The instructor will contact you to set up a specified date and time that works jointly. Great for the mind and body!  Certificate of Completion included!!
Nature photography workshop
Nature photography outdoor workshop with ronald zincone, hands-on instruction, on-site fieldtrip - 1 hour. note: for additional instruction hours prepay using the PayPal Cart in 1-hour segments.
Price: $35.00
F-22 raptor at the Quonset Point airshow, Davisville, RI. photography
ronaldzinconephotography is often seen photographing the spectacular Quonset Air Show in Rhode Island in June.  Above is the spectacular F-22 Raptor ronald captured in a supersonic mode at the 2009 Quonset Air Show.  See the artist's "Photography" page for more images.  Join ronald in June for a photographic, hands-on workshop expedition to the Quonset Air Show.  You will learn how to use your camera, lenses and various photo equipment, bettering your photography while enjoying this exciting June event!  A great way of building your portfolio!!!
This field trip is hands-on, instructional and will give you immediate rewards! Register by PayPal below or contact ronaldHe will contact you with all the details.  Stay tuned for 2014 show dates.  Here is a link for further information:   http://www.riairshow.org/ 
 Certificate of Completion included!!
RI Quonset Point Airshow
Outdoor, hands-on photography workshop with the instructor - 1 hour. note: for additional instruction hours prepay by PayPal Cart in one-hour segments. $35 hourly fee includes event fees.
Price: $35.00
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For convenience of his students/customers, ronaldzinconephotography has made purchasing ronald's photographic sessions, workshops, and private, hands-on sessions easy.  You can now pay me using your PayPal account when purchasing online through my website.  Credit cards accepted! or alternatively, pay me by cash or check!

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