Rhode Island's largest telescope and dark-sky location

June 03, 2014  •  1 Comment

Hey folks,

was out the last two nights doing astrophotography from one of Rhode Island's darkest locations -- the Frosty Drew Observatory & Sky Theater at Ninigret Park in Charlestown!  If you want to see a good milky way arc across the wide open sky, meteors, constellations and much more, visit Frosty Drew.  It vast area nature preserve with all kinds of birds and other wildlife.  The nature center and sky theater is  open to the public and you can go on their site to see what programs are running.

Frosty Drew is a planetarium-like experience.  Because Ninigret Park is close to the water, the skies are dark towards the south.  Some light pollution is evident towards the northern sky.  The observatory is home to Rhode Island's largest telescope - a 16-inch SCT.  They have free public viewings on Friday nights.  Last night I was there to capture some night sky images of the moon and jupiter above the observatory.

Beware though -- the mosquitos are like pirranas.  Ninigret Park also has a nice playground and picnic benches.  Check out their site at:




Pixel Grinder(non-registered)
Thanks for this info; I just moved to RI and I'm looking for a good spot to practice night sky photography. I just hacked my Canon SX50-HS with a boot loader program that allows me to override the 15 second exposure limit... all the way to 59 seconds! It also claims it overrides the 80 ISO default when exposing over 1 second (a huge pain in the rear for night pictures, you would get horrible shots with this limitation). I did a test late last night which proved it works. I found that attempting night sky photography with this camera is an impossibility without this bootloader hack.

Unfortunately it's not the right time of year for Milky Way shots...so I'm patiently waiting for Spring to take a 3AM ride to Ninigret park and get my first Milky Way pics :) So again, thanks for this observation an information. I'm in Portsmouth by the way.
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