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If you are struggling on how to use your digital camera and feeling frustrated not understanding or learning 35mm photography then most likely you are not enjoying this wonderful hobby!!  Your Prescription -- is southern New England's #1 traveling photography instructor -- ronaldzinconephotography.com
Here at ronaldzinconephotography, you are taught only what you need to know -- the key ingredients, the recipe to better your photography skills in both the art and science of the visual arts.  In today's 'digital age', the auto-everything digital camera can be and is beneficial to many - but these digital wonders are often confusing and overwhelming - and their biggest drawback is that we don't really learn photography! 
Ronald will teach you using hands-on instruction in an interactive and user-friendly environment (both in the classroom and with hands-on, one-on-one instruction sessions (indoors or outdoors) or at your home location -- the following skills:
How to use your Point & Shoot, 35mm film or DSLR digital camera as a "tool" in the field to better your photography!!
Learn and understand in simple terms and language how to use your camera in the most simple but effective ways!
Learn and understand a simple formula that teaches you to be effective with 90% of your photographic subjects with only the selection of two (2) camera modes!
ronald will defuse your frustration and overwhelming feelings with today's digital age in One Easy Lesson!
You will learn and understand Photography!
Ronald teaches you all of the above "in-person" which allows you, the student, to ask questions, get feedback, "real-time" hands-on learning of your camera and other photo accessories - no YouTube, social media or virtual learning - "effective" teaching is a two-way street between the student and instructor and ronaldzinconephotography.com provides that with 100% satisfaction guaranteed and 100% Lifetime Service!
"I tell my students at the end of every class that I will always be their teacher, even if I don't see them in one of my courses again.  My email and business phone is always open.  I, therefore, offer 'lifetime service' to my students." ronald zincone
ronald believes that "Lifelong Learning" aka "ContinuingEducation"  is vital to the mind, body and soulSelf-creativity, inner-peace and a healthy lifestyle - which, in today's world, is needed more than ever!
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Ronald hope's you will find everything you need.  ronaldzinconephotography.com is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - ronald will do everything he can to meet your expectations.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, the artist is sure you'll be happy working with him.  Look around his website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact him.  Sign up for email updates below!
Ronald hopes to see you again!  Check back later for new updates to our website .  There's much more to come!

As a "traveling teacher", Ronald will also come to your home for on-site, hands-on, instruction.  (out-of-state mileage fee may apply)
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