Excellent work. Great teacher. Patient, knowledgeable and fun.
Ron - thanks for sharing your amazing photos! Wishing you safe pursuit of extreme weather!
Jennie Angell(non-registered)
Ronald is a true professional photographer. The beautiful photo he took of my artwork was used on my first CD. I am so pleased with his work that he will be doing the photo for my second CD!
Bonnie Auclair(non-registered)
Dad along with my husband Jim and myself truly enjoyed seeing Jupiter and Saturn last night in Pawtuxet Village. Thank you for your kindness and knowledge to help educate so many people. Thanks again we will stop by to see you again.
Jeff & Marcia Hopper(non-registered)
It was great to meet you at the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse this past weekend. We hope you were able to get some awesome shots of the Milky Way. We enjoyed looking through your photos on your website. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful telescope in the village this week so many could view Jupiter and its moons , I would have never had the chance to view such beauty. Come again when there is a Full MOON rising! I love following the full moons and would love to see it through your telescope again as MANY I am sure would as well!! Come back to the village! Share the beauty!
Thanks so much for sharing your expertise in Pawtuxet Village tonight. I so enjoyed the opportunity to view Jupiter and it’s moons!
Jennifer Hennessy(non-registered)
I just love Pawtuxet village. Thank you so much for adding to the charm of the village by sharing your knowledge and telescope to view Jupiter and it’s moons and Saturn too.
Thanks for sharing your telescope with us this past weekend. Jupiter and it's moons. Awesome!!!
Nancy Ethier(non-registered)
Thanks so much for showing me the moon and Jupiter through your telescope in Pawtuxet village. I was wowed and amazed! It was such a nice surprise and I’m telling everyone about you! Hope to catch you there again! And thanks so much!
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