Testimonials from ronald's students and clients:
"I tell my students at the end of every class that I will always be their teacher, even if I don't see them in one of my courses again.  My email is always open.  I, therefore, offer 'lifetime service' to my students." ronald zincone

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class you conducted yesterday evening (4/10/2018).  I found it to be extremely beneficial and I took A LOT away from it.  Questions left unanswered from my previous class were answered in yours and I walked out of there feeling a lot more confident about shooting outside of automatic than I did when I walked in!  I appreciated you being organized and thorough while teaching such a complex subject!  Your lesson plan was perfectly laid out and truly made every aspect come together and make sense. Again, I cannot thank you enough.  My camera goes everywhere with me, so I can promise you that I will practice and apply the knowledge I have learned in your course very frequently!  I hope you continue to spread your knowledge and give confidence to those who may not realize what underlying talent they have."  Kate from Connecticut

“So knowledgeable and organized.  A real teacher.   Understands where the students are coming from."  James from CT
"I am sure that you have heard this a lot by now, but I still have to say it, you are amazing with a camera!  There is warmth and peacefulness in every one of your pictures.  Keep up the good work!
Debbie from Rhode Island
“I am a new NYIP student and saw some of your work on their site.  I was directed to your site where I saw more.  It is absolutely beautiful.  All of it.”
"Very patient and specific.  Detail when answering questions."
Dianne from Rhode Island
"Ron explains things very well.  The discussion and questioning was the best".
Joan from Rhode Island
"Ron was very imformative and helpful!  I learned more about my camera and taking pictures."
Nora from Rhode Island
"Discovering features I didn't know existed in my camera"Patricia from Rhode Island
"One on one help." Jerry from Rhode Island
"Casual atmosphere.  Instructor would answer students' individual questions." Dianne from Rhode Island
"Photos/slides of comets, circumpolar star trails, moon, etc.  The instructor's enthusiasm!"
LC Student
"We love your work!!!!" Gail from Warwick.
"Love it!" Kate from Charlestown commenting on ronald's Canon EOS Course.
"Simplified basic operation of a complicated camera.  Instructor is Great!" Cliff from Rhode Island
"Ronald encourages questions and is always willing to help." Ian
"Ron, you helped me to learn (or at least better understand) my camera.  I also learned about good snapshots vs. art." CCRI student
"I really liked the feedback on my pictures." Helena
"The instructor was very patient and informative."Eileen
"Ron has great patience and clearly explains concepts.  As a beginner, his class was very helpful." Louise
"Dear Ron - just wanted to thank you for the great program you did at Frosty Drew.  Your photos are wonderful and you are a fine teacher.  I look forward to taking a course with you soon." Steve
"So much great knowledge, quick tips - very thorough"  "Great Class" Melissa
"Ron is patient, explained camera features.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class." Leah
"Ability to ask questions of an expert - interaction."LC Student
"The triangle of photography explanation was very helpful."LC Student
"Thorough, intimate setting."LC Student
"Personalized tips geared towards individual cameras." LC Student
"Ron shared a lot of great, detailed and useful information.  I learned a good deal about how to better use my camera." Dawn
"The ability to explore my camera, discovering the meaning of the icons and settings.  I'm not feeling as intimidated and I'm looking forward to now practicing." Judy
"Ronald has such an amazing gift of photography.  He has a true artist's eye.  He made our experience of family photos such an enjoyable one with his patience and calm manner.  Without a doubt the best!" Quinn family of Kentucky
"I want to thank you very much for taking me into your class and teaching me the in's and out's of true photography.  The class was more than just a class, it was an experience that has opened up my eyes to the world of photography around me.  I now have a deeper respect and knowledge for nature and capturing its beauty with whatever level of technology you have.  I look forward to future classes and experiences." Graham
"Excellent teacher -- organized - plenty of class interaction!"
"Allowed plenty of time to explain and demonstrate individually - great teacher!" Candy
"Ron, can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your classes so I think I'll take parts 3 and 4.  It's a pleasure attending a class in which the teacher is knowledgeable and so easy to comprehend." Rich
"I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your Intro to Point & Shoot camera class.  I think I learned everything there is to know about my camera, and then some!  So it was time well spent."  Lucinda
"My entire family have fallen in love with your work. For those that think a photo is just a photo, they should see your work."  Gillian
"Easy to understand.  Ron is willing to continue to keep his students informed on-line, so he really is "your photography teacher for life".  
"This instructor is amazing...intelligent, informed and makes subject interesting and easy to learn."
"Instructor is easy to understand and knows his subject!"
"A comprehensive subject that was easily understood and explained extremely well, thank you!"  MaryAnn
Testimonials from ronald's fieldtrips:
"Ron's explanation, instruction and knowledge are outstanding!" Jim
"The entire day was wonderful.  Your patience exemplary, your explanations clear and understandable to the novice.  This one for sure again in the spring." Leah from Tiverton
"Everyone was of a similar skill level.  Locations - Heritage great, Rock Harbor terrific location and sunset.  Instruction, tips, hands-on in small group." Susan from East Greenwich
"Liked all aspects of the trip - sites excellent" Karen from Rehoboth
"The entire trip was awesome!" Gail from Cranston
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