Ronald's workshop students setup at Rock Harbor in Orleans, Cape Cod, MA.
Astrophotography workshops with the instructor take place at the Frosty Drew Observatory in Ninigret Park in Charlestown, RI.  Specific photographic equipment is highly recommended but not mandatory.  This is a basic workshop in "night-sky photography" involving camera-on-tripod techniques.  These outdoor workshops are hands-on.  These celestial sessions take place from April through October.  Register by PayPal below or contact ronald.  The instructor will contact you to set up a specified date and time that works jointly.  This workshop will enlighten you about the night-sky, teach you a unique form of photography and will humble you. Great for the mind and body! Certificate of Completion included!  recommended:  Ronald's "Introduction to Astronomy" course!
Outdoor Workshop - astrophotography
Basic night-sky photography instruction, hands-on - 1 hour. note: for additional instruction hours prepay using PayPal Cart by 1-hour segments.  Click on button below to be taken to the PayPal site and then send payment to:
Price: $25.00/hour
Cape Cod 2018 Sunset workshops
At our 2018 Cape Cod Sunset workshops, we will be learning the basics of the art and science of 35mm photography and how to use our 35mm digital camera as a tool to create and capture our artwork. We will learn about "seeing" and "capturing" the best light, applying the 3 rules of good composition, which lens(es) to use and why, why and how to use a tripod and remote shutter release, when to choose aperture or shutter priority, white balance, ISO, photographic accessories, and so much more! All your questions will be answered with my goal, as your teacher, to boost your artistic and technical skills and gain more confidence in the field. We will specifically learn how to capture a stunning Cape Cod sunset - which will be our primary goal on these weekly workshops. Along with our photographic goals we will be enjoying some of the most beautiful sunset locations on Cape Cod as well as the scenery, local shops, restaurants and let's not forget -- we are going to have fun, socialize and even make some friendships!
Cape Cod 2018 Sunsets workshop
19 on-location photography outdoor workshops, hands-on instruction with ronald zincone. Full day.  email Ronald for more details.   $125 per workshop.   Use PayPal Cart to purchase.  
Click on button below to be taken to the PayPal site and then send payment to:
Price: $125.00
To book a private session, workshop or field trip on learning your digital camera and 35mm photography click on the "Contact" page or Ronald's other page links and don't forget to sign Ronald's "guestbook"!
For convenience of my students, I have made the purchasing process of my photography courses, workshops, and private, hands-on sessions easy.  You can now pay me using your PayPal account when purchasing online through my website.  Credit cards accepted! or alternatively, pay me by cash, check or credit card in person or mail to my business address at P.O. Box 3063, Kingston, RI 02881