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Ronald Zincone is an award-winning photographer from south county, Rhode Island and a graduate of the New York Institute of Art & Design.  Ronald has been pursuing photography, astronomy and extreme weather since the early 70's and has become southern New England's #1 traveling teacher of photography, astronomy and extreme weather!  


Ronald has been pursuing and imaging what he calls "On the Edge" subjects in astronomy, photography and weather since he was a young boy.  The artist loves to capture extreme weather events such as lightning, severe thunderstorms and tropical storm events as well as other unusual atmospheric events. He especially loves tracking, photographing and following the history of New England hurricanes and other tropical events.


Ronald also pursues and photographs the night-sky also known as "astrophotography" where he blends his skills of astronomy and photography.  He also enjoys imaging outdoor nature and landscape subjects that he sees as "On the Edge."  

"I am in constant pursuit of -- the unusual, the rare, the unique, the different -- something that is 'On the Edge' between the believable and unbelievable!" 

The artist also enjoys collecting space stamps, NASA mission patches, Coverscapes, optics and scarce publications on New England Hurricanes!


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