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Created 17-Apr-14
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This gallery showcases my captured celestial subjects and the beauty of the night-sky! I focus on "On the Edge" subjects and events that are astronomical in nature, majestic, magical, spiritual, and "on the edge" between the real and unreal. Is there an unknown universal connection or frequency connecting humans on a higher level? The art and science of the cosmos is amazing, humbling and places us in the grand scheme of things. It gives me peace and hope!
Have Camera - Will Travel!
Venus transits the Sun 2004 copyright ronaldzinconephotographySunspot groups AR2673 and AR2674 copyright ronaldzinconephotographyRed Sox "world series" eclipse 2004 copyright ronaldzinconephotographyPlanetary Conjunction at "blue hour" copyright ronaldzinconephotographyBlood Red Aurora of 2003, Richmond, RI copyright ronaldzinconephotographyNorthern Lights 2004, Richmond, RI copyright ronaldzinconephotographyNorthern Lights 2004, Richmond, RI copyright ronaldzinconephotographyLeonid meteor fireball in Orion, 2001 Leonid Meteor storm copyright ronaldzinconephotographyStarscape over Otter Point, Arcadia, Maine 2018 copyright ronaldzinconephotographyStarscape with satellite over Bass Harbor, Arcadia, Maine 2018 copyright ronaldzinconephotographysummer Milky Way, satellite, Mars over Arcadia, Maine 2018 copyright ronaldzinconephotographyCrescent moon with earthshine over frosty drew copyright ronaldzinconephotographyAlmost full moon copyright ronaldzinconephotographyFirst Quarter Moon copyright ronaldzinconephotographyPerseid meteor over frosty drew copyright ronaldzinconephotographyThin Crescent Moon over RI Hospital 2018 copyright ronaldzinconephotographyTotal Lunar Eclipse January 2019 copyright ronaldzinconephotographyUrsa Major over Stellafane, Springfield, VT 2013 copyright ronaldzinconephotographysummer Milky Way over Otter Point, Mt. Desert Isle, ME 2018 copyright ronaldzinconephotographysummer Milky Way over Eagle Lake, Arcadia, Maine copyright ronaldzinconephotography

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