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Created 27-Jul-18
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Path of tornadoes in Worcester CountyMeteorologist Michael Page says trees were pointed in different directions on the ridge of Ephraims Way in Upton, which makes it a likely spot to have seen a tornado given the elevation and storm pathDouglas fire officials say they're investigating a possible tornado touchdown as well after an overnight storm resulted in lots of downed trees with "lots of twisting damage."A broken branch in Douglas exhibits twisting damage from the overnight storm.Branches and trees cover this Douglas, Massachusetts house, where officials are investigating whether a tornado touched down overnight.More trees showing twisting damage from the overnight possible tornado in Douglas.Wind gusts uprooted this tree in Upton, Massachusetts.Storm damaged was mainly isolated to a section of Main Street, Warren Street and Ephraims Way.Upton, Massachusetts, where a porch was ripped away from a multi-family homeCar and property damage left by the overnight severe weather in Upton.Talk about bad luck: a possible overnight tornado uprooted a tree that damaged a newly sold house in Upton.Trees damaged in the overnight storm also downed power lines in addition to damaging property, according to Upton police.A tree fell into a pool and damaged the siding of a home on Merriam Way in Upton, MassachusettsAn uprooted tree rests near a home in UptonMore tree and property damage in Upton

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