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Created 29-Oct-18
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North Stonington, CT tornado dataTornado that cut across Fisher's IslandData on the Fisher's Island tornadoWaterspout at Lambert's CoveTrees down in North Stonington along Route 184Damage on Fishers Island. Residents report seeing a funnel cloud with debris being carried.Severe Thunderstorm Warning for portions of Bristol & Plymouth counties until 10:15amTornado Warning for portions of Martha’s Vineyard & Cape Cod until 10:15am.A strong thunderstorm moving through Stonington could produce winds over 45 mphRotation detected inside the thunderstorm southwest of Woods HoleMore damage on Fishers IslandTornado Warning issued for Block IslandWe're hearing there is a ton of damage in North Stonington. Radar was clocking winds over 75 mph at 3,500 ft. These winds were able to mix down to the surface and cause damage.

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