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Created 27-Sep-19
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This gallery showcases my student's best artwork captured and created using the techniques, skills and knowledge that they learned and applied from me as their teacher of the art and science of photography! Creative and wonderful. Job well done!
Have Camera - Will Travel!
Bridge towers abstract motion blur, copyright Marilyn MoffattGoose flying   Copyright Heidi MorganHorse farm in Washington County, RI  Copyright Marilyn MoffattLidia captured by Andrea Sleiman-Carreiro  /  copyright Andrea Sleiman-CarreiroLidia captured by Andrea Sleiman-Carreiro  /  copyright Andrea Sleiman-CarreiroSnowl Owl   Copyright Heidi MorganSnowl Owl in flight  Copyright Heidi MorganSnowl Owl left wing ground.   Copyright Heidi MorganSnowy Owl / copyright Marilyn MoffattStreet Artist no1   copyright Marilyn MoffattStreet Artist B&W    copyright Marilyn MoffattSuper Snow Moon  Copyright 2019 Marilyn MoffattCreative photography   Copyright Marilyn MoffattNew Bedford, MA capture by Thomas Williams  / copyright Thomas Williams

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