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Hurricane 1938 was re-categorized at level 3 upon landfall (not shown in this graphic)The hurricane slowly moved along in the Atlantic Ocean after forming off the coast of Africa around Sept. 10, 1938. Once the storm took a turn to the north, it sped up rapidly, moving from the North CSurface Map for September 19, 1938. The Hurricane east of the Bahamas and had begun recurving northSurface Map for September 21, 1938. The Hurricane is now east of Cape Hatteras and accelerating northThe entire second story of the Roselin Manufacturing Company was destroyed.The Mill MuseumRoselin Mfg. - 95 Milk Street.Roselin Mfg. - 95 Milk StreetRoselin Mfg. - 95 Milk StreetWillimantic River - ATCO mills 3 and 4Facing mill number 2's back and side (so facing southwest)(location i.d. by Nicholas Khan).Windham Rd. Ext./Bates Rd. over the Natchaug, just up from where it goes into the reservoir.South Windham - RT 203 bridge over the Shetucket RiverOak Street looking north from Maple AvenueMaple Ave looking west. 3 Turner St. in the center of the photo and 23 Maple ave. on the far right.The waterfall, mill one and 7 West Park street on the hilltop.Willimantic River at Jillson Hill.High Street in eastern Connecticut.Corner of High and Prospect Streets, eastern CT.Cardinal Square - Sodom, CT

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