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Reflectivity radar loop of the supercell thunderstorm that produced the EF3 Springfield tornadoCircle denotes location of strong low-level mesocyclone near the time of tornadogenesis in Westfield, MA.The 0.5 o base reflectivity for a) Taunton, MA at 2113 UTC 1 June 2011a) base reflectivity and b) storm relative velocity at 2104 UTC 1 June 2011, around time of tornado peak intensity near Brimfield, MA. Circle denotes location of strong mesocycloneBOX reflectivity volume display at 2104 UTC showing radar evidence of lofted debris in the low levels of the mesocycloneBase reflectivity at 2100 UTC 1 June 2011 showing concurrent hail and debris spikes.Dopplar radar on June 1, 2011Debris ball seen on radar reflectivity within the hook echo while the tornado was on the groundRadar Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) and radar Echo Tops, showing the extreme values of VIL suggesting damaging hail, and Echo Tops between 50, 000 and 60, 000 feet.Springfield tornado radarSatellite image of a supercell exiting the Catskills (left), and a picture of the supercell taken out the window of NWS Albany, NY.Vertical cross section of storm relative velocity from the Albany, NY radar showing a slice through the tornadic circulation near Springfield, MA.KBOX Radar Storm Relative VelocityTaunton Storm Relative Velocity and 0.5 deg. Base ReflectivityMain Street businesses damaged by the tornado late Wednesday afternoon.Main Street businesses damaged by the tornado late Wednesday afternoon.South End Community Center damaged by the tornado late Wednesday afternoon.Tree damage in SturbridgeHomes suffering varying degrees of damage

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