Learn about Ronald Zincone's past, present and future artistic endeavors such as teaching, photoshoots, awards, judging, exhibitions and special events!


Ronald will be teaching via ZOOM or face-to-face, on-site at the following lifelong learning educational institutions for 2022:

Farmington Continuing Education

New London Adult Education

Tri-County RVTHS

Milford Community School Use Program

Wickford Art Association

EdAdvance Foothills Adult & Cont. Educ.

Medway Public Schools


Ronald also teaches the following classes at the above educational institutions "on-site" and via ZOOM.  You may also register for private sessions via ZOOM or face-to-face at a local Panera Bread.  From April to October, Ronald offers hands-on, private lessons outdoors at a selected site teaching photography and astronomy (including backyard astronomy and astrophotography).  Contact Ronald at [email protected]


             Learn your camera’s creative modes and say “Goodbye to Auto”!

          Introduction to Photographic Composition:  Part One

          Introduction to Photographic Composition:  Part 2

         Introduction to Astronomy: Part 1 – Our Solar System

         Introduction to Astronomy: Part 2 – Backyard Astronomy

         Introduction to Astronomy: Part 3 – Basic Astrophotography

         Introduction to Astronomy Part 4 – Advanced Astrophotography techniques

         New England Hurricanes:  Past, Present, Future

          "How Did I?" guide to 35mm photography

         Introduction to Weather!

          Introduction to SEVERE Weather!

         Photography Basics: Part One

         Photography Basics: Part 2

         Astronomy and The Star of Bethlehem

          Impressionism - The Influence of Photography

          Atmosphere and Weather and its Influence on Art




Ronald is currently pursuing his Certificate in Photography in the Rhode Island School of Design's Continuing Education program.


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