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     My intent is to provide you with some basic tips on this unique form of photography known as astrophotography.  At the same time, I hope to spread my obsession...oops...I mean passion of amateur astronomy and how to capture celestial objects in the night sky and other "On the Edge" celestial and cosmic events!

     This page is limited so I will post only some basic information to educate you in my hope to inspire and ignite a spark in you in order to get out under that grand cosmos above us, learn about astronomy, the night sky and basic astrophotography!

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What is astrophotography?

     astrophotography is a very unique form of photography that involves imaging celestial subjects from the night sky.  astrophotographers, like myself, shoot in extreme low-light conditions, often during the late night or early morning hours, trying to capture astronomical objects billions of miles and/or light years away.  Astro imaging is the toughest test on your lens.  Our goal is to try to capture and image stars that are pin-points across the image plane unless we are trying to capture star trails.

     Celestial photography can have a steep learning curve depending on what type of astrophotography you are attempting.  Celestial photographers often sacrifice sleep because imaging late at night or during the early morning hours tend to be optimized times where certain conditions set up.  During these times, the night sky is often darker since most people are sleeping (the sane ones) and there is less traffic on the roads.  This means that most home lights and car lights do not add to stray light.  The "dawn" hours also tends to set you up with a more settled atmosphere then during the evening.

     The most basic level of astrophotography is "wide-field" camera-on-tripod astro imaging.

The summer Milky Way over Ninigret Park, Charlestown, RI

(copyright Ronald Zincone Photography)


     As you can see from my image above, your 35mm DSLR camera and a normal (standard) or wide-angle lens with a focal length of 4 mm to 50 mm can be used to captured wide-field images of celestial objects such as constellations, auroras, the summer milky way, meteors, planetary conjunctions, zodiacal light, satellites, rainbows and more!  Wide-field astro imaging is the most basic, easier and with the most instant gratification.

     Pursuing celestial photography involves using regular photography gear, for the most part, but it is essential that a lightweight but sturdy tripod and a remote shutter release be used.


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