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Superstorm Sandy's trackDestroyed houses left in the wake of superstorm Sandy in Seaside Heights, New JerseySandy approaching New JerseyHurricane Sandy Prepping for Frankenstorm TransformationHowling: Conditions in New Jersey deteriorate as the superstorm makes landfall, causing widespread destructionRead more: People take shelter on the flooded pier as the effects of Hurricane Sandy are felt in Rockaway Beach, New YorkRead more: Braving horrendous conditions, a worker uses a chainsaw to cut up a felled tree that knocked over a street light in York City, PennsylvaniaRead more: Zero: The construction site at Ground Zero is inundated by flood waters in Lower ManhattanRead more: out: Lower Manhattan goes dark as Hurricane Sandy sweeps across America's East Coast, causing untold damage and putting lives at riskRead more: Cars disappear from view as water rises in New York's flood-hit financial district, which lay in Hurricane Sandy's pathRead more: Water from Manhattan's East River floods East 20th Street during Hurricane SandyRead more: A woman wades through the water in New York as cars become submerged in the floodsRead more: Vehicles are submerged during a storm surge near the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in New YorkRead more: A CCTV monitor shows floodwater rushing into the subway system in New York as Hurricane Sandy causes widespread devastationRead more: in the city: Streets are flooded under the Manhattan Bridge in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, New YorkRead more: Wearing wellington boots and a hooded jacket, a resident navigates the flooded streets of the Dumbo neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New YorkRead more: below-ground carpark in the Financial District of New York floods as waters rushes into the garageRead more: Governor Andrew Cuomo (centre) inspects a deluge of water flooding the Battery Tunnel in Manhattan as Hurricane Sandy approaches New YorkRead more: A fallen tree with its roots ripped from the road and a power line lie over homes on Harvard Street in Garden City, New YorkRead more:

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