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Created 6-Jul-16
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Comparison images of the summer Milky Way recently captured (1) over my home in Richmond, Rhode Island, (2) frosty drew in Charlestown, Rhode Island (3) over Chatham, MA and (4) over Stellafane 2016, Springfield, VT.
summer Milky Way over Richmond, RI Copyright ronaldzinconephotographysummer Milky way over frosty drew, Charlestown, RI Copyright ronaldzinconephotographysummer Milky Way over Chatham, MA Copyright ronaldzinconephotographysummer Milky Way over Stellafane 2016, Springfield, VT  Copyright ronaldzinconephotography

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Keywords:2016, Cape, Charlestown, Chatham, Cod, Island, Massachusetts, Rhode, Richmond, Springfield, Stellafane, Vermont, art, astro, astro, astronomical, astronomy, astrophotography, celestial, cosmos, digital, drew, frosty, galactic, imaging, milky, photography, science, space, stellafane, summer, way