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Weather map of Hurricane Diane on August 19 as it neared North CarolinaFlooding in 1955 devastated parts of Western Massachusetts, including this area along the Westfield River.Here is a short article on how Diane was forecasted to miss the areaThursday, August 18, 1955    “The calm before the storm”The Scranton Tribune headlines, August 19thThe Scranton Times headlines - August 20thThe Scranton Times headlines - August 22People gather in South Scranton after floodwaters rip a giant gash in Cedar Ave. Roaring Brook stretched for two city blocks during the storm’s peak, tossing about freight cars and destroying dozens oTimes photographer Phillips Butler wades hip deep in swirling flood waters at River St and South Washington Ave., in area where about 35 people were rescued by Marine Reserve amphibious craftThe dramatic helicopter rescue of the Hurngerbuhler family from their home at 132 Birch St in South ScrantonBaby bullheads stranded by receding floodwaters, still alive, are examined by Patrolman James Haggerty in the 800 block of Remington Ave. Carried away in furious torrent, the fish are far from home. TMargaret Decker, 15, of Greentown, is washing not shining a variety of shoes salvaged from her family’s flood swept home. The only home left standing on Greentown’s west side. The Decker home was lootStanding beside a mud cakes, useless telephone booth, victim of the flood, Cpl. Joseph Ferraro overcomes communication breakdown by using walkie-talkie to relay message from River St. and South WashinShorts-clad Filmore German, right, owner of Lackawanna Bakery, 424 S. Washington Ave and Anthony Gatto, 306 Franklin Ave, between what’s on the ground and what’s on them, these two men have seen enougResidents in the Flats section of the city peer out of second story windows and watch swirling water form the Lackawanna River churn byFlood damage in Winsted, Connecticut from DianeUnknown locationFront Street, HarrisburgOlmsted, officer's club and boat house

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