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Digital Mythbusting (Outdoor Photographer) Part 1

August 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

"Digital photography became popular at the same time that internet access and usage exploded in growth.  The technology behind digital photography was new, and a thirst for knowledge gave rise to rampant misunderstandings and half-truths that circulated like wildfire in the fertile ground of the internet.  In time, many of these myths were debunked, but some persist, and they can distract you from doing your best as a photographer and having fun at something you enjoy.  Following is the top-10 list of digital photography myths that need to be busted.


#1  More megapixels are automatically better.  While there can be plenty of benefits associated with higher megapixel counts, more megapixels don't necessarily equate to better-looking photos.  This myth has been perpetuated because it's a lot easier to take a quick glance at a spec chart rather than the more difficult task of looking at how good the pixels are.  For example, the Mars Rover has a main camera with only 2 megapixels, and it does pretty well.  Megapixels aren't about image quality; they're about image size.  Some of the best sensors in recent years in terms of their rendition of color, tonality and noise have been well under 20 megapixels and from most manufacturers.

Keep this in mind as you're looking at cameras and what you need or don't need for your particular photography.  If you're getting the photographs you need, never feel intimidated by someone who has more megapixels or manufacturer advertising that claims your aren't enough."


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