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Twenty Years of Astrophotography

October 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello friends!

Tonight I will be presenting "Twenty Years of Astrophotography" at this year's annual "Astro Assembly" conference hosted by my astronomical club "Skyscrapers Inc."  

This is a wonderful yearly October event that begins on Friday evening, 10/13, at 7 pm at the Skyscraper's Seagrave Observatory in North Scituate, Rhode Island.  The Friday evening event is a series of presentations on anything astronomical from both local members and non-members.  This will be my second Astro Assembly conference as a new member and the first time I will be giving a presentation.

Speaking of which, I decided to title my presentation "Twenty Years of Astrophotography".  I will be showing some of my best captured images of celestial subjects over the past twenty years as an astrophotographer.  There will also be several other presentations in the agenda.  I hope you will be able to make it to tonight's programs.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 10/14, is the all-day Astro Assembly agenda featuring speakers, raffles, astrophotography contest, the Starlight Grille, swap table and so much more!  Be sure to register for this event and be prepared for a full day of astronomical delights and making friends!

Here is the link to the Astro Assembly conference:

Astro Assembly 2017 link


Hope to see you at Astro Assembly!




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