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Top 10 tips for better photography

September 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hey friends,

Here are my top 10 tips to improve your photography skills:

1)  Be sure to clean both your front and rear optics of your lenses -- a dirty lens can ruin your image.

2)  Use a tripod for stability and a remote shutter for hands-off camera operation.

3)  When your subject does not allow for a tripod, be sure to use proper hand-holding techniques for good stability, 

      be sure to turn on your lenses' stabilization mode and use the focal length / shutter formula in order to set the

      proper shutter speed to prevent camera shake.

4)  Double up on everything!  This includes batteries and memory cards.  If you shoot for reputation and money,

     be sure to have a second camera, tripod, flash, etc.

5)  Capture your images during the "magic hour" also known as textured or side-lighting.  This is the most beautiful

     light to shoot in.

6)  Be sure that your camera is set to capture images at the highest resolution of your camera's sensor.  This would

     be the "default" setting.  Not doing so would lose you resolution since your settings has downsized the image.

7)  Bracket, Bracket and Bracket more!  This means taking a minimum of three images at three different settings!

8)  Learn and apply the three rules of composition -- Find your subject, focus attention on your subject and 


9)  Your main goal as a photographer is to capture a "proper exposure" and a "tack sharp image".

10)  Practice, Practice and Practice some more!  Photography is a "visual art" and literally "hands-on"!



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