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Fundamentals Remain the Same

May 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

     I just read an interesting editorial article from Matt Bennett who is the editor of Digital Photographer magazine.  It was there 200th issue!  Here is what he said:

     "Wow -- Digital Photographer has reached its 200th issue!  I started on the magazine while issue 121 was in progress, and I can distinctly recall wondering what the photography industry, and of course the magazine itself, might look like when issue 200 rolled around.

     Back then that milestone seemed a long way off but time passes quickly and, to be honest, things aren't all that different, in many respects.  Cameras have naturally improved, with greater dynamic range and more megapixels, and more photographers are now stepping beyond stills and exploring video.  But the fundamentals remain the same and the things that we all love about photography endure, no matter what technological innovations appear on the scene.  Photography itself is timeless...At the end of the day, photography is photography and always will be."


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