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A Lunar Observer's tool kit

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For all you "luna fanatics", here is the some information and vital links that would be very helpful during your lunar observations and imaging!

The Modern Moon by Charles A. Wood is a book rich with insight and detail.  Mr. Wood combines a deep understanding of lunar geology with a backyard astronomer's enthusiasm and makes for a great guide to our closest neighbor!

Sky & Telescope's Field Map of the Moon is a large-format, laminated chart that features the skilled cartography of the late Antonin Rukl.  One of the map's unique aspects is that each 30-by-30 centimetre (12-by-12-inch) quadrant can be viewed individually, or the map can be opened to show any two adjacent panels or all four at once.

21st Century Atlas of the Moon by Charles A. Wood and Maurice J.S. Collins, makes use of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) images to present the entire earth-facing disc of the moon in 28 individual charts.  The spiral binding enhances the book's utility at the telescope as well.

LROC QuickMap ( is a great online resource that presents LRO image data as a zoomable map with great detail!  At its highest setting, QuickMap has enough resolution to show hardware left behind by the Apollo astronauts!  You can also select from several different data sets and overlays to enhance your understanding of lunar geology.



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