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What can ronaldzinconephotography do for you?

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My name is Ronald Zincone DBA

I have been in business since 2005 as a traveling teacher of photography.  I guess you could say that I am like one of those old fashion doctors who made house calls to those who were sick.  In my case, I am an independent contractor who specializes in 35mm photography and I, too, make house calls to my students.  It's like "Have Camera, Will Travel."

I have been teaching in the lifelong learning sector since 2006 at locations throughout southern New England!  I have a passion for teaching the art and science of photography both in the classroom and in one-on-one private sessions.  My private sessions can take different forms.  First sessions tend to take place at a local cafe with a nice atmosphere such as Panera Bread.  Further sessions can then be indoors or depending on the skill level and needs of the student, outdoors, on location.  The best way to learn the art and science of photography is by doing because photography is a "visual art" and consists of hands-on learning with lots of repetition.  I also offer to meet my students at their home location for convenience.

My two main goals when instructing students of photography is to teach them the art and science of 35mm photography and to instruct them on how to get off the "auto everything" mode and learn to use their cameras creatively!  Some of my classes include outdoor workshops where we apply what we learned in the classroom -- hands-on!  In other cases, my entire class may be set up as an one-day workshop or maybe a series of outdoor sessions.

My premier course is called "Learn Your Camera's Creative Modes and Say Goodbye to "Auto"

This one course will teach you the skills you need to learn the secrets of becoming a master photographer and you will learn the basic but most important foundation of photography.  Whether you are interested in bettering your photography skills for everyday photography, as a hobby, a painter who paints on canvas from photos, or maybe your goal is to make some money -- this is the course for you!

So check me out -- southern New England's #1 traveling teacher of 35mm photography -- at ronaldzinconephotography oh, and by the way, I also teach basic astronomy and an outreach course "New England Hurricanes:  Past, Present, Future".


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