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What I love about astronomy

December 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hey friends!

There's no doubt that I am an astronomy/space/weather addict and there is no cure!  I am truly blessed that my three obsessions...oops, I mean passions have been with me since childhood.  Astronomy, weather and photography.

There are many things that I love about these passions and when it comes to the "nature" part of it, I find that observing and experiencing something that is 100% nature and not the "hand of man" so to speak is most joyful.  A great example of this is when I am outside observing through one of my telescopes, or binoculars or even just with the naked eye.  The optical device transports me like a spaceship or a time tunnel to that celestial wonder whether it be Saturn, Lord of the Rings, or Mars, the red planet.  I know that I am being transported off our earth and away from the human condition.  No greed, politics, hate, war, bigotry, etc....

Observing those countless stars (suns) and knowing that there are countless exo-planets around those suns within our Milky Way or outside our Milky Way really puts things into perspective.  Humans are so insignificant and yet there is the possibility that our life form could very well be the most intelligent throughout the entire universe.  Nature, but Astronomy in particular, is so soothing and serene to the soul.  For those brief moments looking through my eyepieces or with my own eyes, I am on vacation from humanity and all its troubles and this gives me eternal hope!




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