A New Year to Look Forward To

December 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As of this writing blog, 2018 is only 9 days away!  

For me, this opens up a new journey into what nature will truly bring us.  For me, my passion of capturing what I refer to as "on the edge" moments is limitless.  I am truly passionate, ok, maybe even obsessed, with observing, experiencing and capturing those moments when life and the natural world we live in come together.

Whether it be severe weather, astronomical events or nature's grandest displays, I want to see it, capture it and archive it.  Raw nature fascinates and humbles me.  My pursuit and capture of these "on the edge" moments excites me but also helps me keep things in perspective.  Nature talks to us and shows us how insignificant we human beings are.  This connection to the natural world gives me serenity and hope.  Astronomy in particular, the oldest science, soothes me because as Carl Sagan once said, "We are 'star stuff' "  When I am under the night sky and see the milky way above me with its countless stars, there is only the sense of wonder and being humbled that overtakes me.

It truly doesn't matter if I am imaging the cosmos, looking through a telescope at Saturn's rings or naked-eye observations of the milky way, the feeling is the same.  To be instantly transported back in time as I observe this celestial object and knowing that all possibilities are open.  Most important is that these moments take me to another place and time and away from the stressors of life here on earth.  Although nature can be violent both here on earth and in the cosmos, I find it very exciting to be able to document, archive and learn from these events so that we can improve life on earth.  Whether I am capturing an auroral storm or a severe thunderstorm's lightning, it is truly exciting for me to be able to contribute to science and art.  

I truly do have the best "gig" I could ask for -- photography, astronomy and extreme weather!  Looking forward to another year of spectacular and inspiring events! 


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