The Tornado Hunters

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I have become a big fan of "The Tornado Hunters" - Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick, and Ricky Forbes!

This is a Canadian team of individuals that have really made an impact on the world of severe weather and tornado forcasting!  I have just recently seen the complete Netflix series and I have read their book "Why is the Sky Green?" and I just started reading their other book "Blown Away!"

Greg, Chris and Rick are very professional and passionate about what they do.  I am especially fond of Greg and his story of how he become a storm chaser and how it changed his life.  Greg is an awesome photographer, dedicated to capturing severe weather and documenting it.  This team is passionate about not only collecting scientific data in the field to help the weather forcasters predict severe weather and create a more efficient "early warning system" but they are also caring individuals.  They are not the type of people who just storm chase for the thrill and not want to help people who have been effected by these devasting storms.

Greg's imagery is truly spectacular!  I can really relate to what they do, the language they speak, the emotions they feel and the mission they are on.  Although I am not a storm chaser like them, I have a passion for weather, especially extreme weather and, I, too, love to image these events.  I guess I can say that I, too, have that genetic makeup.  Today, I am a Certified Storm Spotter for the National Weather Service and a professional photographer as well as a teacher of 35mm photography, astrophotographer and amateur astronomer.

I highly recommend that you check out "The Tornado Hunters" at:





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